Checkers Toys Pieces Xadrez Jogo Piezas Ajedrez Tabuleiro de Xadrez - New 2015 Chess Set With Chess Board Games King 97mm(3.82in)

These Bigger Analysis Size Chess Pieces still perfect fit for the standard desk and younger students.They are ideal for a quick viewing of your game with friends on the tournament hall floor, or work great for smaller desks at schools. The small chess pieces are made of solid plastic and have a very nice feel and color.
King = 97mm(3.82 in) tall, 38mm(1.50 in) base
board=510mm(20.08 in) * 510mm(20.08 in) -------(Folding PVC)
Ideal size for quick analysis or classroom desks
Solid plastic quality construction
Complete set of 34 chess pieces
One set included:
white chess piece: 1 king, 2  queen, 2 knights, 2 rooks,2 bishop, 8 pawns
black chess piece: 1 king, 2 queen, 2 knights, 2 rooks,2 bishop, 8 pawns
One board=500mm(20.08 in) * 500mm(20.08 in)
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